Four Keys to Your Breakthrough Institutional Growth™ for 2022

by Allecia Harley, MPH on September 23, 2021

Blog Post on Goals for 2022

Maybe you can relate.  

I fell into the trap of setting tiny incremental goals with my team that were demotivating and uninspiring.

For many years, I guided my teams to play it safe by creating smart goals they knew they could accomplish easily and rack up the successes. This approach was great for self-esteem, but it kept us from growing our organization, and in some years, it resulted in a decline. 

Thankfully I woke up, and I haven't ever made that mistake again.

As we approach the final quarter of the year, many of us are wrapping up our quarterly or annual performance reviews and setting goals for the new year.

You may have had a devastating 2020 and a lackluster 2021. No doubt you and your Board want to see operations are back on track next year. 

Do you want to make up for lost time and grow exponentially in 2022?

Here are the four keys to making it happen and turning the corner:

  1. Host innovation sessions to involve your team in planning for exponential growth in 2022.
  2. Create a Breakthrough Institutional GrowthGoal (BIGG) to mobilize your team to action.
  3. Design a roadmap to achieving your BIGG with objectives, strategic actions, team member assignments, and deadlines.
  4. Search for roadblocks aggressively and do everything in your power to revoke, remove, or resolve them - even in a pandemic.

You have the power to mobilize your team to accomplish great things in 2022, whether you are meeting together in the office or working remotely.

Stay tuned for next week when we take a deeper dive on the first point and discuss hosting innovation sessions in more detail.

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About the Author

Allecia is a management consultant, entrepreneur, professional speaker, epidemiologist, and the founder and CEO of Prevention Advisory Group.

At Huron Consulting Group, she led a new service line’s growth to six-figure revenues for healthcare, higher education, and nonprofit clients across the United States for nine years. At Abbott Laboratories, she oversaw the technology transformation of her division. Allecia is an expert in growth and innovation.

After earning her Master of Public Health degree from the University of Michigan, Allecia joined the City of Chicago to implement innovative health and social programs. Later, she was recruited by Chicago Public Schools to use creative problem-solving techniques to increase the overall immunization rate by more than twelve percentage points in a year.

Allecia specializes in creating Breakthrough Institutional Growth™ (B.I.G.) for her clients and is a frequent speaker at national conferences and events.

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