Roadblocks and Rerouting

by Allecia Harley, MPH on October 14, 2021


If you had been in the car with me in 1991, as a 20-year-old driving from northern Illinois to Atlanta to return for my senior year of college, you would have sensed the anxiety.

I was approaching a roadblock just south of Louisville, KY, and the policemen were aggressively directing us away from what looked like a semi-truck collision and fire on I-65. We were ushered onto an unpaved, bumpy, and not well-lit side road at the nearest exit.

This newly formed caravan was forced onto a small country road in the days before navigation and cell phones were standard tools for students like me.

I followed the other cars, blindly hoping we would get back to the interstate soon or to a major road that appeared on the tablet of the AAA Trip Planner maps I'd picked up a few days beforehand.

Before too long, we did get back to the interstate, and I made it to school on time and intact.

Thankfully, we don't have to follow other cars blindly anymore.  We can remove the uncertainty by programming the navigation system in our car or on our phone, and just be prepared to pause for a moment while the system undergoes "Rerouting."

The pandemic has created a variety of roadblocks for organizations like yours as you generate income, work to retain employees, and serve your clients.  Maybe you could use a moment to pause and "reroute" in light of these roadblocks?

Are you reprogramming your navigation system for 2022?

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Allecia is a management consultant, entrepreneur, professional speaker, epidemiologist, and the founder and CEO of Prevention Advisory Group.  She specializes in creating Breakthrough Institutional Growth™ (B.I.G.) for her clients and is a frequent speaker at national conferences and events.

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